Algeria.AI founder 

Dr. Mourad Bouache

Mourad is the founder of Algeria-ai. He has more than 9 years of AI and engineering experience in Silicon Valley. 

Dr. Mourad Bouache, is a passionate Artificial Intelligence expert as well as the Principal Performance and Optimization Engineer at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, California USA. He has a PhD in computer architecture from the University of Perpignan in France, and an MS and BS in Computer Science from the University of Boumerdes in Algeria.

The co-founder 

Dr. Cheddadi

Co-founder, Dr. Saoussen Cheddadi, has a PhD and an MA in American and International studies from the University of Kansas, USA. She also has an MA and BS in American civilization as well as a BS in Business and Marketing from the University of Constantine in Algeria. She is experienced in higher education and taught several courses both on-site and remotely at the University of Kansas. She is an expert in both Blackboard and Moodle e-learning platforms.

Algeria-AI Team 

Sofiane Ouaari | TA AI/ML

Hadjer Benmeziane | AI, DL PhD Student 

Isra Boucetta

Software and AI Developer 

Iyad Mechegueg

Software and AI Developer 

Chebab Mokhtaria

Computer Engineer