The vision of Daridja.AI is to build a platform to develop and deliver high-quality large language models that can understand, generate, and compile standard and specialized Arabic dialects. Similar to ChatGPT conversational technology, Daridja.ai is dedicated to building best-in-class multitasking chatbots to assist and help Daridja and non-Daridja speakers to write, correct, and generate high-quality content. The Daridja.AI team is taking its first steps with Daridja as a foundation, and their vision extends to encompass other types of the Arabic language. Think of the Algerian dialect, Daridja, as a unique facet of the broader Arabic language. Daridja.AI is specifically designed to seamlessly handle both Darija and Standard Arabic. This means it can cater to a larger audience, enabling more people to benefit from its capabilities. With over 500 million speakers of Standard Arabic and 100 million speakers of Daridja worldwide, at Daridja.AI, we are committed to placing the latest advancements in Generative AI and Natural Language Processing into the hands of professionals, educators, students, and everyone.