What do we bring to Algeria? we are the first AI startup in Algeria bringing cutting edge technology directly from the Silicon Valley. We target Algeria's national priorities such as education, healthcare, food security, energy, sustainable development.

Algeria AI Goals:

  • Create a research hub in Algeria focusing on AI

  • Help build the AI infrastructure (software and hardware) for our clients

  • Creating a bridge between Algerian universities and public/private sectors

Project-Based Learning


Get smarter using online tutorials, webinars, student kits and support forums.


Get access to online resources: Coding using Jupyter, Collab for programming skills


Create and educate others using available course materials, hands-on labs, and more

The challenge in Algeria

The challenge is to efficiently collect, analyze, and visualize masses of data from highly diverse and distributed sources to create operational insight and business value.

The mission of Algeria-ai is first to build AI solutions and products in Algeria and in the world.

  1. Algeria & International: Silicon Valley + World

  2. Developers, Students, Instructors and Startups

  3. Learn, Teach, develop and Share (Goals)