AI Research

Research & Education

Algeria-AI is also a research and education Institute.

In 2020 and 2021, the team published papers in international conferences:


  1. Deep learning for Equity Education at The 2021 4th International Conference on Big Data and Education

  2. Improving Equity and Access to Education Using Artificial Intelligence at ICCSE, The 16th International Conference on Computer Science & Education in Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom.


  1. Deep Learning Model for Lung Disease Diagnosis, Detection and Classification at ICAPAI’2021, International Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence.

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Future Research Fields

AgriTech : How AI is Re-envisioning Agriculture?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing several key aspects of agriculture, including weather forecasting, the development of disease resistant and drought tolerant seeds, and real-time inference for improved prediction of crop and soil health. Our research is focusing in 3 aspects:

  • AI on the Edge for Automation in Agriculture

  • AI for Weather and Climate Modeling

  • AI Innovation in Genomics for Agriculture

Beauty using AI: How AI will improve lifestyle?

Teaching at the Univesities and Companies

This will be through Limitless Learning Institute

  • For Employees: Masters/Engineers - Integrate AI in engineering projects

    • Introduction AI

    • Coding for AI: Python and Tools

    • AI Infrastructures: Compute and storage

    • Data Analytics

  • For the Company: AI integration at Work

    • AI in Industry

    • AI within the entreprise

    • Oil and Gas Big Data Collection

    • Data Processing