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Medicine is on the verge of an exciting new age with the advent of potentially disruptive technologies, which range from virtual reality, genomic prediction of disease, data analytics to nano-robotics. AI is gradually finding its relevance in different fields of dermatology including skin cancer, eczema, and psoriasis. is a tool  that analyze a picture of the skin and identify if it is a Nevus, Melanoma, ... 

We aim to use modern computer vision and deep learning techniques to help doctors as well as patients? not only identify but also detect and segment three different types of skin conditions: Melanoma, Nevus, and Seborrheic Keratosis.

E.g. Nevus flammeus or port-wine stain is a capillary malformation presenting as a pink or red patch on a newborn's skin. It is a congenital skin condition that can affect any part of the body and persists throughout life.

Because these skin conditions are common, this artificial intelligence product/tool?? can be used by non-medical individuals for diagnosis, as well as by doctors in order to confirm the correctness of their diagnosis of the disease. The goal after completing the artificial intelligence training is to introduce it as a mobile application and a webpage. The application will  make the process of detecting the type of disease very smooth, quick, and will require only a few clicks. This application will save a lot of lives! 

Dermato.AI at GTC'2023

Dermato.AI was seleceted to be part of the 2023 NVIDIA GTC Posters Showcase 


Competitions and Awards

Accepted at Qatar’s 2022 Artificial Intelligence Competition MENA Region 

This competition challenges students, developers, professionals, and researchers to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to tackle challenges for different and practical applications. This opportunity will also raise awareness of AI technologies globally, support building capacity in this timely and crucial area, and provide a platform for participants to share AI ideas and applications. Participants should highlight the impact of their proposed solutions on society. This cycle's competition is oriented to countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.